Little Eyes

Little Eyes website(3M, 2W)
A dark comedy about our fears and anxieties. Set in a suburb in fly-over country, the lives of a single mother and her young son are forever changed when a mysterious man arrives selling a Project to Renew America’s Future. Meanwhile the neurotic neighbors across the street untangle the repercussions of a wild block party. In these frightening and troubled times, will these average Americans prevail or will their delicate worlds shatter into a million pieces?

Developed in the Playwrights’ Center’s Ruth Easton Reading Series (2009) and at the Page 73 Retreat at Yale (2008).  Finalist for the Yale Drama Series Prize.

Premiered in a Workhaus Collective production at the Guthrie’s Dowling Studio (2010).


“Cory Hinkle’s script probes suburban fears with fine-tuned precision, slowly evolving the tone from a darkly comic first half into an increasingly tense second.  Rather than dwelling on surface eccentricities, Hinkle goes deep into the neurotic psychology of unfulfilling monotony, spousal betrayal, and parental worries.”

— Examiner

Read the full script on the New Play Exchange